Freckles' Friends

It is with sadness that we announce that Freckles' Friends will be closing.  Unfortunately, we were never able to gain enough support to make it feasible to raise funds to build a shelter as we'd initially hoped to do.  The DeKalb Animal Coalition has received their 501c3 status (donations are tax-deductible) and is endeavoring to raise funds to build a low-kill shelter for the county.  We encourage you to lend your support to their efforts.

After Freckles' Friends organized in 2006, it quickly became evident that in order for a no-kill shelter (or low-kill) to function successfully, spay/neuter rates in the area had to improve which is why we have concentrated our efforts on offering spay/neuter assistance to anyone who needed help getting a pet neutered.  Over 2,200 pets have been spayed or neutered with assistance from Freckles' Friends preventing thousands of unwanted puppies or kittens.

If you need spay/neuteer assistance, there are programs available that will assist DeKalb County pet owners through the White County Humane Association and Putnam County Humane.  It is our hope that the DeKalb Animal Coalition will include spay/neuter assistance as one of their programs.  The first step to no-kill is no birth.  That has been our motto and holds true.  It's Economics 101 - when supply is high, demand is low and viceversa.  Too many pets equals too little value placed on pet ownership and adoption.

If you currently have a voucher number from Freckles' Friends, it is still redeemable prior to its expiration.  Once issued vouchers have been redeemed, we will be out of funding.  If any are allowed to expire, any remaining funds as well as assets of Freckles' Friends will be transferred to the DeKalb Animal Coalition during our dissolution.   Thank you for supporting Freckles' Friends efforts through the years with your donations.  We especially thank those who have donated time and efforts to help with various fundraisers and events.  Time is absolutely the most valuable donation and we can't say enough to express our deep gratitude to the volunteers who have helped through the years.

Freckles' Friends
PO Box 25
Liberty, TN 37095